6PCS/Pack (1PCS=4L Water) New Gadget Car Window Cleaner Tablets

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Getting ready to wash your car?

The cheapest and best way to wash your car windows.

Most cleaners that you can buy from a grocery store are not only less effective, but they can actually damage your auto glass and window tint! Also, they're much expensive.

Don't you be bored to pay more money for a simple window cleaner?

When you leave debris, dried dead bugs, and dirt on your windshield, it leaves more opportunities for your glass to become scratched, and to dry out your windshield wipers.

The right window cleaning agent not only keeps your windows clean and shiny, but it also can keep your wipers lubricated, and help your car clean and defrost/cool a the same time!

You'll be amazed that you can purchase several windshield wiper tablets for under $10.

Simply combine with water, and you have an eco-friendly, affordable, and superior glass cleaning agent!

So why are you still settling?



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