Instagram Followers, Likes, Views and Application

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Instagram Followers, Likes, Views and Application

!Please Add Your Instagram Page Name As A Note!

  • The followers we're sending are all real
  • Your followers can decrease anytime 'cause the followers are real. But don't worry we have 2 weeks gurantee.
  • When your followers decrease in 2 weeks after your purchase , let us know. We'll send you more followers. (This gurantee is only for 2 weeks.)
  • After 2 weeks there is no dropping issue in general but we can't do anything if it is still decreasing.
  • For Likes there is no decreasing.
  • There is no refund policy for this item please don't want us to give your money back.
  • If you order this item, we accept that you've read the information in above and you've confirmed the issues.
Thank you...


  • When will my order be processed?
  • Usually, the order processing starts according to the description of the purchased product, however, sometimes there might be delays up to 48 hours, but in case delay lasts longer, you will have the right to receive a refund in accordance to our rules.
  • Why cannot I get a free test?
  • If you did not get a free test, it means that you either already received it once or you have a private profile and no profile picture.
  • What if I entered incorrect data for the order?
  • Please contact us using the contact form.
  • What if I made an order for a private profile?
  • We suggest you to enable private mode on your profile and contact us in order to process the order one more time or receive a refund.
  • When is it impossible to fix a problem with an incorrect order?
  • If your order was processed anyway despite its failure, for example, if you mistakenly enter a login that already exists.
  • What can I do if I’ve lost my followers after some time?
  • You should read the description in order to make sure there is a guarantee for this order and determine whether you are in the warranty period or not. If you are, then contact us and we will take care of the problem.
  • Why the order does not match the description?
  • In regard to changes in the functioning of different services there might be some inconsistencies, so we will be grateful if you will help us to identify the problem, please contact us if you see one and we will try to correct this.
  • Is the real time orders tracker in the lower left corner real?
  • Yes, our system checks new orders every 5-10 minutes and shows them, you can also see your orders there :)
  • What if I enter an incorrect email address?
  • It's okay, but you won’t be able to receive a letter notifying about the order processing failure if there is one, or a response from the technical support.
  • Do you have prices for resellers?
  • Yes, please contact us for further discussion.

Notice: There is no refun policy for this product. Contact with us before and let us know what your Instagram account name is. Then, buy it! Followers can decrease in a long term. We have no discount for Instagram services.


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